What’s the difference between fixed code, learning code and rolling code?


Nowadays many people are afford to get a burglar alarm system for their home and business. Before make decision on purchasing burglar alarm system, some people may not understand what’s the difference between fixed code and learning code? Which one is better? Fix Code: IC: Encode chip PT2262 (Traditional wireless detectors) Decode chip PT2272 (Traditional wireless alarm control panel) Address: 3 to the 8th power (6561 unique addresses). Features: 1.Security level not high, few addresses may cause duplicate address code. This may cause false alarm. 2.It’s very difficult to increase (add) extra wireless detectors or sensors for user. The theory of fixed code is that the address of detectors (encode) must match the address of alarm control panel (decode). If want to increase the detector, you need to know the alarm control panel address. By the way, encode address need user to have some basic knowledge of electronic technology. 3.It’s a terrible thing, if lost the remote controller (keyfob). Because alarm control panel can not delete the address (or detectors), people pick up the remote controller can freely control your alarm system; If ask user to change the address of alarm system, that’s troublesome, you may need to set all the wireless detectors and sensors, as well as detectors match the new address of control panel. Learning Code: IC: eV1527 Decode: MCU Address: 2 to the 20th power (1048576 unique addresses) Features: 1.High security level, 100 million addresses decrease the duplicate address rate. 2.It’s easy and convenient to add and delete the wireless sensors and detectors. All the wireless detectors and accessories using different address code, you just need to learn them into alarm system. Don’t worry when you lost the remote controller (keypad), you just need to delete it from alarm control panel, then that remote controller is not able to communicate with alarm control panel, and it’s useless, can not control the alarm system any more.  

Fixed Code VS Learning Code VS Rolling Code Comparison


Typical IC

Encoding Method



Fixed Code


Manual Encoding, using dip switch or soldering to set address code



Learning Code


Automatic Encoding, copying fixed code or learning code remote



Rolling Code


Automatic Encoding, using algorithm to generate different code every time



  Rolling Code is widely used in Car Alarm System The typical oscillator resistor value of EV1527 chip is 300 K, 330 K, 360 K, 390 K and 430 K. Commonly an EV1527 chip with 300 K oscillator resistor can pair with PT2262 chip with oscillator resistor values ranging from 1.5 M to 4.7 M. 

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